The JENT publishing process step by step

1. Find the right journal

The first step is finding the right journal for your paper. Among the thousands of journals and books published by JENT are some of the world's most prominent and respected medical, scientific and technological publications. These include The Lancet, Cell, Tetrahedron Letters and a host of others. Find a journal match for your abstract by clicking on the blue ‘Start matching’ button above.

2. Prepare your paper

Each journal has its own aims & scope as well as requirements for publication so it is important you select a journal and download the Guide for Authors for that journal to prepare your paper.

3. Submit your paper

Nearly all of JENT’s journals use the JENT Editorial System (JENTES) for managing the submission and peer-review process. This allows you to submit your paper online, reviewers to referee and editors to manage the peer-review process online.

4. Check Status

Once your paper has been submitted, you can check the status throughout the peer-review process and journal production process. More background information can be found in this comprehensive guide Understanding the publishing process. It covers topics such as using JENTES, Authors' Rights, Ethics & Plagiarism, the Impact Factor and other so-called bibliometric indicators.

Benefits for authors

Author rights & services

At JENT, we're dedicated to protecting your rights as an author, and ensuring that any and all legal information and copyright regulations are addressed. As a journal author, you retain rights for a large range of author uses of your article, including use by your employing institute or company. We also provide many author services, such as free PDFs for most journals, a liberal copyright policy, special discounts on JENT publications and much more.

Open Access:

Access to quality research is vital to the scientific community and beyond. We support sustainable access and work hard to provide a range of Open Access options alongside our Accessibility initiatives to ensure everyone can read, use and trust the latest research. Researchers can choose to publish open access in over 30 Open Access Journals or alternatively in 1,500 established journals via our Open Access Article option. For more information about JENT’s Open Access program, visit our Open Access section.

Content innovation:

JENT is continuously working on publishing innovations that help authors enrich their articles and researchers gain deeper insights and draw conclusions more quickly. Some of the content innovations we have been adding to our journals include article-based publishing, graphical abstracts, highlights and Google Maps. Read more about content innovation and the JENT Article of the Future.

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