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Institute for Environmental Nanotechnology

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IPR Cell

In addition to Research activities, IENT is also engaged with research and development of new science and technologies. IENT (through their faculty/scholars/students) take up research and development work with support from Government organizations, private organizations and independent research organizations, which pose contractual obligations on IPR related issues and hence it is necessary to create awareness and knowledge to protect the IPRs generated in the process and also provide guidelines/rules to the staff on the inventions towards ownership and licensing.

In addition to R&D, innovation can also be change or paradigm shift based on existing knowledge. And it is an ethical commitment to recognize and reward all the stake holders viz. students, staff, management, funding organization and the collaborators who participate in these creative activities.


The objective of this policy is as follows:

a. To ensure uniform application of the IPR related activities throughout the institutions through a system

b. Protect the legitimate interests of faculty / scholars / students/ funding organizations / collaborators to avoid conflict of interests.

This policy may be modified from time to time to suit the evolving nature of the IPR scenario and the IPR Cell will be the authorized body to address and approve the changes and resolve specific cases of conflicts in interests.

IPR Cell:

The IPR Cell is constituted by the IENT Board and is the sole authorized body to handle all IPR related issues.