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Journal of Environmental Nanotechnology

(A Quarterly Peer-reviewed and Refereed International Journal)
ISSN(Print):2279-0748; ISSN(Online):2319-5541

An Invitation : Journal of Environmental Nanotechnology

Dear Sir / Madam,

We have great pleasure in introducing to you the Journal of Environmental Nanotechnology, which is an international peer reviewed quarterly journal organized by the Institute for Environmental Nanotechnology with its headquarters at Tamilnadu State, India for purpose of promoting scholarly and sustainable research in the broad area of Energy, Environment, Nanoscience & Technology and its applications.

  • We would like to use this opportunity to invite you to contribute a review or research article to our Journal of Environmental Nanotechnology.
  • Your previous work has led us to believe that you may have new research finding relevant to this field and valuable to this publication.
  • This decision is based on our firm belief that your contribution will raise the quality of JENT adding value to the science and technology community

The following are the benefits when publishing with JENT:

  • All contacts are available for ready and downloading free of charge.
  • Your work will be added to all major repositories and database
  • We propose to assign DOI to all articles

To register your participation and to learn more details about JENT, please visit the dedicated Journal. Web page: www.nanoient.org/jent/index.html We request you to contribute your research papers and review papers at your earliest. All papers received by us are sent to two reviewers for their comments and if both the experts approve, then your paper will be published. All the authors or the corresponding authors should be members of the Journal.

We have Membership of three categories- Fellow, Life and Annual. Details are given under the Membership. Professors and Researchers in the field of Chemical Sciences and Environmental Sciences are requested to send their C.V. to us for appointment as Member of Editorial Board. We wish that all the members of Editorial Board should be our fellow members

We are establishing Institute for Environmental Nanotechnology at INDIA . The Institute for Environmental Nanotechnology (IENT) was founded by IENT Trust is a non-profit research organization registered (429/2012) in Tamil Nadu, India. The principal objective of IENT is to facilitate the knowledge sharing primarily in fields of Chemistry, Energy and Environment related nanotechnology and its possible applications. IENT provides the following services.

Capacity Building IENT provides complete management and organization for Conferences, Symposia, Congress, Workshops and Training programs in order to enhance the abilities of governments, organization and general public to acquire, retain, develop and sustain know-how through human resource development.

Publication of field focused journals and books IENT publishes scientific peer-reviewed international journals, specialized reports, and books in fields of Chemistry, Energy and Environment related nanotechnology and its possible applications. Currently, IENT publishes journals in the name of Journal of Environmental Nanotechnology. However, more journal titles will be announced later.

Collaborative Projects Through its network, IENT conducts collaborative projects in all areas of sustainability and development

Goals To conduct R&D in order to acquire advanced knowledge in Energy and Environment related Nanoscience and nanotechnology at international level, at the same time, built awareness to society and environment. To drive national strategies and policies for Energy and Environment related nanotechnology in ways that yield concrete and sustainable results, To transfer the knowledge and know-how in Energy, Environmental Science and nanotechnology to the industrial sector while disseminating accurate information to the public,

We also request you to recommend our journal for manuscripts to staff members and your colleagues.

Awaiting for your positive response for conference and journal,
Kind regards and best wishes,
Yours sincerely,

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