Welcome to Nanoient its Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

Institute for Environmental Nanotechnology

(Arena Amplified Solution Simplified)

About IENT Excellence

IENT Centre of Excellence is engaged predominantly in Research activities. IENT Centre of Excellence is also engaged with research and development of new science and technologies.

IENT Centre of Excellence in collaboration with the concern step ahead provides high quality coaching and corporate training that helps our clients to achieve their maximum business potential. We believe in providing solutions based on leading edge techniques, supported by scientific facts and background, delivered professionally by our certified and accredited trainers in India and abroad. All our training incorporates proven, leading edge techniques, reinforced by scientific, neurological facts to help embed learning. This is delivered using case studies and exercises in an interactive, collegiate environment.

IENT Centre of Excellence (through their faculty / scholars / students) take up research and development work with support from Government organizations, private organizations and independent research organizations, which pose contractual obligations on IPR related issues and hence it is necessary to create awareness and knowledge to protect the IPRs generated in the process and also provide guidelines / rules to the staff on the inventions towards ownership and licensing.

IENT Centre of Excellence offer independent, specialist and ethical support services to clients undertaking NAAC accreditation. IENT Centre of Excellence delivers these services through their network of trained and experienced ‘Accreditation Support Providers’.